Nonprofit Consultants, LLC

    Turn-A-Round & Start-Up Specialists   

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Nonprofit Consultants, LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in turning around struggling nonprofits  and starting up new nonprofits using a business plan that is structured to avoid becoming a struggling nonprofit. Our philosophy is that nonprofits should operate more like profit businesses and less like families. Sure, we understand that nonprofits provide community service and a full menu of family focused supportive services. However, to continue to provide those much needed services, a nonprofit must be fiscally sound and operate in a manner consistent with normal business and best practices. It must employ the brightest and the best. It must utilize the latest technology. It must make teamwork a high priority. It must operate based on a bona-fide organizational chart and adhere to the "chain of command". It must place a high priority on staff development. It must properly document its program services and have a solid  and reliable system in place to report outcomes. It must have a fully functional business development department that operates based on an actual written "development plan". It must have a balanced portfolio of revenue streams including government contracts, foundations, corporations, individuals, fee-for-service and fundraising/special events. It must have a full "online media program" including social media and online fundraising.

Our services are provided online/virtual and in person/on-site. We can tailor your service to be 100% online/virtual . As such, the location of your business does not matter!