Nonprofit Consultants, LLC

    Turn-A-Round & Start-Up Specialists   

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The services that we offer which are applicable to nonprofit organizations include, but are not limited to, the following: 

1. The complete start-up of your nonprofit organization, including tax ID#, articles of   incorporation and obtaining your 501 (c)(3) IRS tax  exempt status. 

2. CFO-To-Go including the monthly preparation of financial statements that show the financial position and results of operations of your organization. 

3. Preparation of a business plan(s) or loan package(s). We have solid relationships with lending institutions that will facilitate "us helping you". 

4. Preparation of an annual budget and/or cash flow projection. We will update this monthly and prepare a variance report. 

5. On-going review of your procedures and recommendations for improvements. 

6. The preparation of your 990 tax return , charity registration and the personal tax returns of your principals. 

7. Nonprofit "Turn-a-Round" service. We restructure your entire business with a focus on the fiscal and organizational structure, increasing revenues and reducing expenses. Business development is a high priority. HR and staff development is a high priority. Increasing technology is a high priority. Team management is a very high priority.  Cash flow is a very high priority.